Climate change is not just a buzzword; it's a stark reality affecting our world. Relentless use of fossil fuels has caused a surge in greenhouse gases and global warming, putting our planet under immense stress. Climate experts have issued a warning to limit global warming to 1.5°C, and we have just 5 to 6 years to make a significant difference or enter into the beginning of irreversible climate change impacts.

ESF strongly believes that only government actions across the world will be insufficient for mitigating climate change and limiting global warming to less than 1.5°C or even 2°C. As everyone is a user of (fossil fuel-derived) energy, everyone is contributing to climate change. Therefore, everyone must take part in climate correction. Adoption of Energy Swaraj should become a public movement, wherein people take pride in becoming part of the ‘solution’ by becoming energy conscious (limiting consumption) and then adopting renewable energy (distributed generation).


ESF firmly believes that a public movement will happen when we reach out to individuals and organizations from all sectors like academic, corporate, government, media, and civil society organizations. People who are sensitive to the environment and concerned about the well-being of society, are usually self-motivated to take action in favor of the greater good.

In creating a public movement towards localized energy generation and consumption for mitigating climate change, the foundation invites committed groups of individuals to start a chapter of the Energy Swaraj Foundation in different geographies to join hands.

Energy Swaraj Chapter📝

Energy Swaraj Chapters are city level entities that act as an extended arm of Energy Swaraj Foundation and receive full support from the foundation to serve as local action nodes, to support the development of a widespread public action to create the Energy Swaraj Movement.

These chapters aim to kindle awareness and prompt tangible efforts towards fostering energy independence and climate corrective actions within communities.

1. Objective of Energy Swaraj Chapter✍🏻


Energy Swaraj Chapters will act as the extended arm of the Energy Swaraj Foundation and act as a forum through which individuals can reach out to influence and engage their neighborhood communities to promote sound environmental behavior. While everyone, everywhere, asserts the importance of ‘learning to live sustainably,’ the environment remains a peripheral issue.

The chapter is completely aligned with the philosophies and activities of the ESF. ESF will provide the support required for running the operations of a chapter.

In a given geography, the Foundation would allow only one chapter to get established to provide it an important position in the overall scheme of the foundation and its efforts to create a public movement.

Other than providing basic operation support for running the core activities of the ESF like ELT, REC, Wah, EKSK, etc, the ESF will also provide support to and take help from chapters for organizing workshops and hands-on training on solar lamps, climate clocks, etc. The ESF would take support of the chapters for implementing new programs, if and when designed, that falls in line with philosophies of the Foundation.

2. Requirements to Form an Energy Swaraj Chapter✍🏻

The local chapter will select a president of the chapter who will work with the central team to build a stronger community of volunteers and individuals.


Guide book to form Energy Swaraj Chapter PDF 📄

Invitation to Start Energy Swaraj Chapter✍🏻

The Energy Swaraj Foundation (ESF) extends an invitation to all passionate organizations, institutions, and individuals to come together and establish Energy Swaraj Chapters in their cities. Energy Swaraj Foundation continues its mission to create a more energy-conscious society.

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Enthusiasts interested in contributing to the Energy Swaraj Chapter are invited to enroll Enroll Here📄

Our Energy Swaraj Chapters📝

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